Bosch Interpretation equipment

(translation system equipment), Soundproof booths and industry-experienced staff, trained and certified through Bosch. Our company aims to provide a quality solution for your Congress, Conference, Event or Installation. We are regions leading and largest supplier of Simultaneous Interpretation and Conference equipment rental services. We have operated successfully for over 10 years and provide our services throughout the region. We use the latest equipment and continually invest in new systems and technologies. ​We want your Interpretation Experience to be the best ever. We will guide you through the options available and advise you which interpreters best fit your requirement. We will plan your event with attention to detail and deliver it flawlessly, always communicating and keeping you informed. Each of our services come with the experience backed from our other operations, including silent conferences and providing tour guide audio systems.
We use the industry leader BOSCH Integrus System. The Integrus fully digital infrared language distribution system has been specifically designed for multilingual conferences and meetings to enable delegates to understand what is being said. Simultaneous interpretation of presentations and speeches in the delegate’s own language is transmitted to a pocket receiver and headphones. Because it is an infrared system, conference or meeting participants can move freely around the location whilst still able to follow proceedings.


AVISS Events offers the most professional-looking and sound-proof interpreter booths on the market. Designed by Audipack and Multi-Caisses, they exceed the latest ISO-4043 standards and are suitable for all types of INTERPRETATION systems. Every effort has been made in the design of the booths to provide a comfortable and professional environment for the interpreters. Ventilation systems, sufficient work space and outlets for lighting, power and cabling are some of the design features included to improve the interpreter’s otherwise challenging work conditions.


Consecutive Interpreting Service, the speaker’s message is conveyed in the target language when the speaker pauses in between his speech, usually at the end of every paragraph or few sentences. The interpreter has to listen to the discourse first and then interpret it into the target language after the speaker has finished speaking. The interpreter is allowed to take notes and record ideas while the speaker is talking to ensure that the message conveys without any loss of details. Consecutive Interpreting service is more appropriate for settings of a smaller scale event, such as business meeting, discussions, site visits and etc. In the event of consecutive interpreting services for a big group.


Simultaneous interpretation requires more than just being able speak multiple languages. Simultaneous interpreters need extensive training and have to be continuously practicing maintain their skills. Our interpreters are some of the best linguists in the nation. We make sure the interpreters we work with are well trained to the latest in interpreation skills and have several years of experience.