Bosch CCSD-CURD is the advanced control unit for the Bosch CCS-1000D digital conference system which includes MP3 recording facility and digital acoustic feedback suppression. This control unit powers the discussion microphones (up to 80 in total), controls cameras (CCTV software included) and interfaces with external equipment such as a public address system. The front panel provides the neccessary controls but the system can also be controlled via a laptop or tablet. This includes the ability to activate or deactivate participant microphones, or changing the status of paticipants from ‘waiting’ to ‘speaking’. With this advanced model, up to 8 hours audio can be recorded to the internal memory, or up to 128GB (>4000 hours) onto an external USB device. Especially useful for courtroom recording – the CCSDCU can provide 4 separate audio outputs to connect to external recording devices in accordance with court requirements. Alternatively, the built in recorder can record the floor plu


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