Digital Conference System

From Bosch range of conference microphones. The Bosch Conference Systems are much more than a set of nice gooseneck microphones. They are versatile discussion systems intended for all types of meeting arrangements like presidium tables, round tables and etc. They provide all of the facilities required to control meetings and discussions, and allows delegates to communicate with each other by means of microphones, built in loudspeakers or personal headphones. BOSCH Conference systems provide several features like voting, language selection etc.

DCN Next Generation

The DCN Discussion Unit HAS AN elegant, innovative design COMBINED with a superior acoustical performance. With its sleek control panel and intuitive layout, this brand new discussion unit has an instantly familiar feel. The large, ergonomic buttons allow for an easy operation. Advanced acoustic technology makes it easy to hear exactly what’s going on, so that even new users can feel at ease and in control. The curved shape, slim design and elegant combination of stylish silver and black in a matt finish ensure the DCN Discussion Unit TO perfectly fit with the decor of all kinds of different conference rooms.

Dicentis Wireless

The Bosch DICENTIS Wireless Conference System uses standard Wi-Fi and smart wireless management to ensure interference-free and highly flexible wireless conferencing. Standard Wi-Fi technology for co-existence with other Wi-Fi networks Smart wireless management to ensure interference-free wireless conferencing Benefits: Based on standard Wi-Fi for easy integration and use of standard IT tools, and co-existence with other Wi-Fi networks. Zero audio interference: Packet Loss Concealment, seamless frequency switching, Smart Wireless Management.

Wireless WAP redundancy for meeting continuity. Government grade security using WPA2 encryption. User-friendly operation due to easy and Intuitive Web browser with features like microphone control, visual battery status, visual signal strength

Dicentis Wired

Bosch introduced the DICENTIS Conference System, a revolutionary product family that utilizes IP-based OMNEO media networking architecture and user-friendly touch-screen conference devices for participants using a version of the Android operating system. A revolutionary conference device that introduced new potentials to the conference and event world!

The DICENTIS Conference System features the excellent sound quality that has come to be associated with the Bosch name. Voices sound completely natural, thanks to the innovative high-directive technology in the unobtrusive microphone, and the built-in, two-way loudspeaker system. Advanced audio settings allow for optimized room equalization, while integrated intelligent Acoustic Feedback Suppression supports higher volumes with maximum speech intelligibility.

CSS 1000 D

The CCS 1000 D Discussion System is ideal for small to large meeting areas such as town halls, local business centers and courtrooms. Its highly versatile feature set means that chairpersons enjoy effortless meeting control, and participants enjoy free-flowing, highly The system delivers excellent speech intelligibility thanks to advanced digital audio processing and superior microphone and loudspeaker performance. The loudspeaker and the microphone are activated simultaneously to create a more natural face-to-face meeting feel, encouraging participants to more easily take part in the meeting. The system also utilizes built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression (DAFS) so you can reach higher volumes without causing any ‘howling’ effect. The result? Every word spoken is understood by all participants, and productivity is optimized in every meetingproductive meetings.

Dicentis Multimedia

The DICENTIS Multimedia device is essential for local and regional councils and is ideal when multimedia content is required. It is easily plugged into, or removed from, the DICENTIS Conference System using the system network cabling. The connectors are at the bottom of the device, ensuring a neat and clean system installation. Devices can be free‑standing or fixed to the table with mounting screws. To combine security and ease of use, the device supports Identification, by use of a Near Field Communication (NFC) reade1r. The DICENTIS Multimedia device can be remotely configured as chairperson or participant seat and has a remote switch‑off function for energy saving. It has perfect audio quality and a pluggable microphone, which can be ordered separately.The multimedia devices can be connected in a simple daisy‑chain configuration or alternatively connected in a star configuration, where each device is connected to a Power over Ethernet compatible switch with anindividual standard CAT‑5e (or better) cable.