Audio Visual

Comprehensive range of mixers, speakers, microphones, PA systems, induction loops, digital and analogue speakers and much more audio equipment. Whether you are seeking audio equipment to connect to a large or small audience, Whatever the event, the audio quality is crucial. we have the products to meet your requirements.

We are a leading supplier within the live events industry and provide audio hire for every type of event, both large and small, working with individuals, EVENT organisers, hotels and businesses. We can create the audio systems necessary for all environments and guarantee to ensure that systems run perfectly every time. We are reliable, innovative and dependable.


Optimized for small, medium & large presentation environments, our handheld voting system keypads take advantage of the latest in audience response technology advancements.Turning Technologies Voting System keypads provide features & functionality that ensure responses from tens to thousands are accurately,timely & effortlessly transmitted to the presenter. The Turning Point voting audience response system is a tool used to create interactive presentations. Ideal to use with PowerPoint.
Speakers engage with their audiences using simple, intuitive polling software and response devices. Your customers can easily find out what their delegates are thinking about the presentations, event organisation and etc. Perfect for interactive meetings, events and exhibitions, the Turning Point voting technology is easily implemented into any environment. No installation, confusing software or bulky hardware is required.


Silent Meeting systems allow you to communicate different audio into the same space, allowing users to select their channel of choice: Our Silent Audio Distribution system is perfect for Meetings, Presentations, Bars, Galleries, Museums and etc… The system enables venues to steam audio for multiple presentations/audio sources silently in the one space.


From LCD / LED Screens to high performance projection systems, we deliver the finest, brightest and most accurate imagery available. In addition to screens and projectors, our advanced control and camera systems offer flexibility and creativity in how vision is brought to life, no matter what the event format is.
Lighting can make or break your event. Without effective lighting, participants cannot see to make notes, appreciate visuals or take part in discussions during conferences, exhibitions and seminars. Insufficient lighting can create safety hazards. Events such as fashion shows, charity fundraisers and product launches may require mood lighting, spotlights or synchronized music and lighting. If these fail to work properly it affects your reputation. Our qualified Audio Visual engineers are available to install and operate equipment, and provide technical advice. The range of lighting equipment we can provide is incredibly extensive – whatever you want, we can provide it. Our stockrooms contain thousands of items including battery powered lighting, cables, Gobo projectors, radio cue lights, uplighters, LED lights, wireless lighting. Every item is thoroughly serviced and always checked before being sent out on hire.