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Aviss group of companies is the premier provider of simultaneous interpretation services and translation equipment for conferences, meetings, and events.
We have complete solution for your events, providing expert and experienced Event managers, simultaneous interpreters, QUALIFIED technicians, and Equipment for your events. In addition, our mobile services are completely allowing us to provide services at any location.

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Conference System

Bosch Conference Systems are much more than a set of nice gooseneck microphones. They are versatile discussion systems intended for all types of meeting arrangements like presidium tables, round tables and etc. They provide all of the facilities required to control meetings and discussions, and allows delegates to communicate with each other by means of microphones, built in loudspeakers or personal headphones.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Bosch Interpretation equipment (translation system equipment), Soundproof booths and industry-experienced staff, trained and certified through Bosch. Our company aims to provide a quality solution for your Congress, Conference, Event or Installation. We are regions leading and largest supplier of Simultaneous Interpretation and Conference equipment rental services. We have operated successfully for over 10 years and provide our services throughout the region.

Audio Visual

We provide a comprehensive range of mixers, speakers, microphones, PA systems, induction loops, digital and analogue speakers and much more audio equipment. Whether you are seeking audio equipment to connect to a large or small audience, Whatever the event, the audio quality is crucial. we have the products to meet your requirements.

Tour Guide System

Light weight Audio Guide Systems, you can count on crisp and clear sound performance. Overcome noise, distance issues and make sure that your messages is heard. Tour guides will connect and interact with guests like never before. Choose a one-way tour system for factory tours, trade shows and cultural trips

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  تعد شركة ايفيس ذ.م.م المزود المميز لخدمات الترجمة الفورية ومعدات الترجمة اللازمة للمؤتمرات والاجتماعات والفعاليات. إذ نتمتع بالخبرة التي تزيد عن 10 سنوات في تقديم المعدات الصوت والضوء في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة والشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا. قامت شركة ايفس والتي تتخذ من دبي / الإمارات العربية المتحدة مقرًا لها بتقديم خدمات الترجمة الفورية والسماعات والخدمات البصرية والسمعية وخدمات آخرى للعديد من العملاء من بينها الجهات الحكومية  والبنوك والجهات الصحية والمنظمات التجارية والشركات الدولية والمؤسسات المالية والسفارات وغيرها.   لا يهم حجم فعاليتك فإن الفريق المحترف لدينا سوف يتعاون معكم لضمان نجاح الفعالية واخراجها على أفضل وجه. إن دعمنا للفعاليات سواء المحلية أو الدولية أكسبنا سمعة لا نظير لها.  

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